Watch: Mt Sac 4x100m Relay


The 2017 Mt Sac 4x100m Relay. This was always going to be an interesting race for a few reasons;
1. We had only been in the US for a few days before racing (landed Wednesday and raced on Saturday)
2. We haven’t had much experience running against quicker teams
3. We haven’t had a relay team that consists of 6 guys that are all running around 10.3 for quite some time – so the potential to run a time close to the Australian record is certainly there

The warm up area was pretty chaotic. Instead of a track, everyone had to warm up on an AstroTurf field that was full of athletes from all over the country. Luckily Team Australia has done quite a few exchanges in practice so we were confident in not doing exchanges like we would on a track (around the bend.etc) before the race.

We were called to the call room and quickly pushed out onto the track where we were left to figure out what to do next (usually an official would walk the athletes to their respective relay legs). There was a feeling of organised chaos – there were athletes everywhere but most of them seemed to know what was going on. After watching a few heats of the ladies 4x100m relay, it was our turn.

Overall I think it was a good run. We crossed the line in 39.14 seconds which is the quickest time an Australian team has run in 3 years. Our exchanges were quite average and although we ran well individually, there’s certainly room for improvement. Mt Sac was an excellent opportunity to race under pressure and blow the cobwebs out before The Bahamas World Relays this weekend (22/04/2017).